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Help A Family In Need Christmas Celebration

Our Help A Family In Need Christmas Celebration shares the spirit of love, peace, and joy with families from poor and marginally disadvantaged areas of the community. Parents and children enjoy a day of holiday celebration, featuring a snowy winter wonderland, family activities, imagery, story telling, food, and music.

During this festive event in need children and parents are provided with their most needed items, as well as, items they only hope to one day receive. This fun-filled celebration encourages family togetherness and community support as a tool to increase resources, ignite change and inspire growth in the lives of children and families.


In order to make a difference in the lives of these families we need your help! Partner with us today and help us to share the gift of love, giving, and joy with disadvantaged children and parents during the Christmas season.

Make a difference in the lives of these families by pledging your support today! 
There are several ways for you to help a family in need this Christmas,you can sponsor an entire family or any number of individuals in a family, make a donation of clothing, shoes, household items, toiletries, educational toys, or make a monetary donation.


Get involved today and Change A Life!